Tuesday, March 27, 2012

I DID IT!!!....IT'S DONE!!

Well all, this is the last few minutes of the 30 day challenge. You all didnt think I would leave you hanging wondering if I drank my glasses today did you? Of course not. I did it!! I quickly drank those last two glasses of water in the past hour and my stomach is full. It is full of liquid and I am pretty sure I can feel the water moving around in my stomach every time I move. I have successfully completed this 30 day challenge and even though I did not do it every single day like I planned I made it to the end and I finished out strong. I tried to make this blog relatble and I hope I did a good job of doing that. I have learned so much from this experience and blogging about it. I would definitely take on another 30 day challenge because even though it was tough and I felt like giving up I had fun trying something new. Thank you all for reading my blog I appreciate it. I encourage everybody to take on a 30 day challenge because you will learn something about yourself and rrealize how much you can actually do. Well time for some juice now :) See you later.

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